On the basis of the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated October 10, 2013, the articles published in the scientific journal are taken into account by the Department of Personnel Certification of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine as an approbation of the results of thesis for obtaining Doctor and Candidate of Sciences degrees.

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Kherson State University Herald. Series “Legal Sciences” is a legal collection of scientific works founded in 2012.

The journal covers actual issues of theory and history of state and law, state administration, administrative, constitutional, international, civil and entrepreneurial, agrarian and environmental law, criminology, criminal, criminal and procedural law and other branches of law. It also informs about the events of scientific life and legal education in Ukraine; submit reviews of scientific works and textbooks on legal issues.

 Kherson State University Herald. Series “Legal Sciences” is a professional publication on the basis of the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated October 10, 2013, No. 1411 (appendix № 5).

The scientific journal is included in the international scientometric database Index Copernicus International (the Republic of Poland).

Articles of Doctors and Candidates of Sciences, young scientists (adjuncts, postgraduate students, applicants), as well as other persons, who have higher education and are engaged in scientific activity, are accepted for publication.

The editorial staff reserves the right to review, edit, reduce and reject articles. The author is responsible for the reliability of facts, statistics and other information. Reprinting of journal materials is allowed only with the permission of the author and editorial staff.

All articles pass the check for plagiarism via UNICHECK.



We ask you to adhere to the rules of preparation, completion and execution of manuscripts for Kherson State University Herald. Series “Legal Sciences”. The author’s manuscripts should be performed in accordance with the state standards and comply with the requirements of the Resolution of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine No. 7-05 / 1 of 15.01.2003 : “…to accept for publication only scientific articles that have the following essential elements: the problem statement in general and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks; analysis of recent research and publications where the solution to this problem was initiated and the author relies on; allocation of previously unpublished parts of the general problem, the article is devoted to; formulation of the goals of the article (statement of the task); a representation of the main research material with a full substantiation of obtained scientific results; conclusions from this study and prospects for further research in this area”.

  1. Requirements for the text of the manuscript.

1.1. A4 size paper. Page option: top and bottom fields – 20 mm, left – 30 mm, right – 15 mm; font – Times New Roman, 14 p.; line spacing – 1.5.

1.2. Bibliographic descriptions of the sources must contain surname and initials of the authors, the titles of their works, city and year of publication, the publishing house, the number of pages of the publication.

1.3. The author’s notes are made at the end of the pages, using symbol * as the sign of footnote.

  1. The volume of author’s manuscripts. The volume of the article is up to 20 pages; scientific reports, reviews, etc. is up to 3 pages.
  2. The reference to the source should be made in the text in square brackets, indicating the page numbers of the source. For example, [1, p. 12]. Bibliography is provided at the end of the article in the order of mentioning of the sources in accordance with developed in 2015 the National Standard of Ukraine DSTU 8302: 2015 “Information and documentation. Bibliographic reference. General principles and rules of composition”.
  3. The article must include the following elements: number and section name, UDC, summary and key words in Ukrainian and English (the volume of abstract should be at least 1800 characters including keywords), translation of the article title in English. It is obligatory that mentioned elements are placed as follows:


12.00.05 – labour law; welfare law


UDC 349.2: 331.2 (477)





Bozhko V.M., Cand. Jur. Sc., Associate Professor

at Department of Public Administration and Law

Poltava National Technical Yuriy Kondratyuk University


The article deals with the comparative analysis of terminological differences between labour payment and wages based on the monographic research that was made during of XXI century.…(the volume of abstract should be at least 1800 characters)

 Key words: labor payment, wages, remuneration for work, legal regulation of labor payment, employee, employer.


Стаття присвячена порівняльному аналізу термінологічних відмінностей між оплатою праці та заробітною платою на основі наукових досліджень, здійснених упродовж ХХI століття…(the volume of abstract should be at least 1800 characters)

Ключові слова: оплата праці, заробітна плата, винагорода за працю, плата, правове регулювання оплати праці, працівник, роботодавець.



The editorial staff doesn’t register or consider manuscripts that do not meet the requirements, specified in clauses 1˗4.




The publication amounts 580 UAH (up to 12 pages). If the article exceeds the volume, then you have to pay 50 UAH for each additional page. The fee covers the costs connected with editing articles, making-up and printing of the journal, as well as postal mail to authors.

The editorial board carries out an internal anonymous review of the articles and verifies the presence of plagiarism, after which the authors receive the payment details of the publication fee.




To publish the article in No. 2, it is necessary to send the following materials before July 5, 2019 (inclusively):

  1. fill out an e-form of the author’s personal information on the link;
  2. send an article;
  3. send a scanned confirmation of payment of a publication fee (payment details of the publication fee will be sent to the email after the article review).


The example of file name: Starukh_article, Starukh_payment.

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